Photo from mccranker

#Teebeetea my favorite skate spot #ledome in Paris. Shot by another favorite @umyeaharts

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faianton 1397808212
You are truely amazing!
shawnmolgnar 1397831706
Dude this is in a flip video and Geoff does like a back 50 on this right? @mccranker
don_brown 1397866720
figgylicious 1398120732
You're fucking beautiful
tytyleryo 1398382140
50-50 kickflip out in menikmati!?
evantylerholland 1398971471
yeah he did @tytyleryo
rynchap 1401119098
This is what inspired me to skateboard. Yeah Right!
sebbyongaro 1401339332
so big @mccranker
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