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As some of you may know my brother Ian was hit by a car bombing a hill I'm santa monica. The car pulled over for a second and then took off. Leaving him in critical condition. We have been posting flyers around the neighborhood to raise awareness and to try and catch this asshole. We created this fundraiser to try and help with the insane medical bills my mom and family are going to take on. We really appreciate all the love and support we have been getting from the skateboard community and everybody else. For everyone who has donated to Ian, god bless. Every cent helps! (Link is in my bio)

seanheems Instagram profile picture
Sean Imes
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ponythetony 1397604431
pagesheridan 1397606887
Coming to visit soon ❀️
bod13666 1397608265
Praying for him man send him love for me
courtcawl 1397609195
Praying for ur fam
sauna_xo 1397610895
In my prayers .. God bless your family
chauntelle 1397611361
nhwd123 1397639209
Same happend to me street skating expect only broken Brocken leg if u look in my profile sean and hope u brother feels better and fuck the asshole who ran off like a pussy !! !!
kennabooluvsyou 1397757793
Keep your head up! Spending prayers and positive thinking your way! Stay strong for him πŸ™πŸ™Œ
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