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Paul Rodriguez

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Check out one of the funniest guys and great friend @giovannireda Tuesday night 9pm the Esquire network @ilanhall

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Paul Rodriguez
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hammad100000 1397603704
Is knowing how to munual and tic tack good becuz I put a sponcor for primitive of those tricks??
brunosilvask 1397609561
Fo 🏂llow hoo
camilo543 1397683590
@hammad643 Just about everyone who has ever stepped on a skateboard knows how to manual and tic tac. Those tricks are about as basic as it gets. They definitely won't get you sponsored. I'm sorry. And your illiteracy doesn't help much either. If you want to get sponsored, keep working at it and get better. Somebody is bound to sponsor you. Never give up.
hammad100000 1397683793
Thx man but I was jocking I can do more tricks not enough for a sponcor but some tricks like ollies and ECT but thx for the support👍 @camilo543
trevor_mill3r 1397980415
Hey @prod84 Idk if u answer to your fans but I just watched your movie street dreams and your freaking awesome dude
primitivekadin 1398130859
Check your dm pleaseee @prod84
aka.dominic 1398210162
Reda was so annoying in skate 3
gio_5017 1404356660
Ikr @_zambledoe and in skate 2....kinda
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