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What a treat the last few days have been shooting #tgrlocals with #tomburt and @erikroner. TB is 50 years old and I still can't keep up with him. Here he negotiates some exposure in less then ideal conditions.

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Jones Snowboards
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rp_roberts 1397232991
#tomburt is a legend! What a guy to ride with! Hope you hall had a good one!
bureku 1397233315
@jonessnowboards I'm a Australian snowboard enthusiast. Biggest smile I've had in years after 3 weeks of searching for a mountain twin jones board I found the first place in Australia that is releasing 2015 boards YEEEEEEEEW $700 is a bargain for happiness. Thanks for your quality boards they mean more than an object to us. There our life as a snowboarder!!
cwirionphotography 1397233699
noahprincestagram 1397234613
TB is so nice too. Seen him out a lot and rode with him at Alpine Meadows as well. Legend and Awesome guy.
tjwebster__ 1397235260
hetzbanger 1397246112
He is actually 60
kylemathew 1397252038
@jonessnowboards How about I come help film fo free?
12tim 1397272103
Riding on the moon.
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