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Paul Rodriguez

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Welcome to Primitive Skateboarding ... Official announcement and part 2 of Primitive Skate’s Trajectory is live on TheBerrics.com now. @Berrics @Primitiveskate #primitiveskate

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Paul Rodriguez
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erickpinedaa_ 1397513534
You've made it , you got the ball rollin don't stop , keep going ! Primitive Skateboards are dope ! Good luck g ! @prod84
jvalles_99 1397617362
Hey ive been dieing to meet u u no my uncle dad and cousins my cousins have skated with u there names are daniel and jessie and my uncle is marty they liv in chatworth I always tell my uncle I want ti meet u but u are always bessy well hope u read this msg me back wen u do thanks and by the way my name is julian.just started skating @prod84
closk8 1397632158
Hey whats up Paul I just wanna to said congratulations for ur sk8 company and I wish one day seeing @nesquickhemmie21 skating for @primitiveskating
coreytyler666 1397830969
primitivekadin 1398131183
Check your dm from me pleasee @prod84
eskir84 1398912560
Can I get a follow please @prod84
mattwebb94 1399434496
@prod84 I think you should pick up Kelly hart he's put in his time on expedition one and they wouldn't turn him pro he's way to good to still be Am and he just dropped his board sponsor after 10 years I think it would be cool to help out a rad skateboarder! Mad respect for you and him!!
shmuel.eagle 1404657322
@helpin.accounts is helping everyone
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