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@_julian_davidson @ryrey @marcfalkenstien @domowaka @lilfluffyy

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nick_garcia 1397242630
Did you mean to tag @lilfluffy instead of @lilfucky ? And @lilfluffy has 30k followers that's hi jinx !
nick_garcia 1397242652
@lilfluffyy *
ethanloy 1397242871
Haha no! I meant to tag @lilfucky but stupid Nyjah had to make his dogs insta name really similar to Jamie's @nick_garcia
ethanloy 1397242961
It's insane that that dog has more followers than any of us
lilfucky 1397243300
Hahaaa didn't notice that
nick__favela 1398696558
jbradford_photo 1402448358
My fav trick was @_julian_davidson backside 180! So steezy!!
thetylerphillips 1420358251
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