Photo from jamie_foy

Another one bites the dust...... my third board this weekend! About to have no more wood to skate #anotherdayanotherboard #hdpartinthemaking #miami #airport

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sambellipanni 1396198832
That spot! 🙌
deano_tullsk8 1396199267
@jamie_foy that ledge doe... Dude I'm going to FLA for a week in May, we gota skate
jamie_foy 1396200133
Yea its perfect! @patriotonurethane its like icee
jamie_foy 1396200150
Hmu! @deano_tullsk8
jeremy_white_ 1396201663
That wood will get you wet #nohomo
jamie_foy 1396201779
Hahaha @jeremy_white_
andrewjjohnson 1397462573
Ay dude it was great meeting you
Where at????? @jamie_foy
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