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#firstspotieverskated #1986 #boardslidesfordays #goldsboronc

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boblems 1396117673
I worked on boardslides for 3 years before I made it to them sick ass ledges @marcjohnson @tumyeto
Slappy Hour
7briandale7 1396118848
@marcjohnson crown gas station was the shit. Unless your board went into Stratford rd and got run over by a Suzuki samurai
milliganfm 1396120951
It's already my favorite spot
heyfilmthis 1396121371
@boblems I might need to extend my trip... @_scuba_steve @ryanflynn
heyfilmthis 1396121401
Remember @boblems this isn't my filming trip...😤
dj_medeiros 1396130849
Close to da hizzie
bdbilly 1396134744
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