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John Rattray

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Pretty sure that's a Schmitt Stix @owlcat board. Repost via @buildafire who found it...I don't know where. Shot by TLB, maybe, that's uncertain too.

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John Rattray
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sandy_carson 1396070343
Lol geotag
buildafire 1396084391
Livingston/Rad magazine/August '91
ratt_ray 1396104032
But where? @buildafire
ratt_ray 1396107857
Makes sense, right? @sandy_carson
sandy_carson 1396108092
Aye! Ha though I doubt asbo was caused more from green gless boatels than almonds;)
buildafire 1396112978
@ratt_ray Ah... I thought it was big bowl to wee bowl, what with the trees and people on the hill. I don't think that's actually coping, I think it just looks like it.
ratt_ray 1396118596
Andover. @buildafire
buildafire 1396119333
@ratt_ray Wow. Fooled me. Rad.
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