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Skatepark of Tampa

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@ch1ckenl1vers Casey Wayne Stewart stepped off an airplane in Tampa three years ago today and then he walked through our doors and we haven't been the same since. He has taken over every aspect of our events, skate trips, and even swinging a hammer when needed. Being on the bench from skating after completely tearing his ACL, You wouldn't have known if you've seen him skate lately. Every great skate company has pillars to build its foundation on and Casey is one of those guys that is always down for hard work. Shake his hand next time you see him. #profilefriday

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Skatepark of Tampa
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hackedbruger72 1396080579
erynnmarieficks 1396080629
Shake his hand and let 'em kiss yo babies!!!
dgklingling 1396083944
Part @jawakolera
hector_gamarra 1396100613
@nicky257 jajajaja <3
sambellipanni 1396105968
nicole_alva25 1396118649
@hector_gamarra .I.
@ch1ckenl1vers still killin the game
jeniarmstrong 1396138542
Love you Casey!!
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