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Max Schaaf

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Big thanks to @roller_magazine for putting this peckerwood on the cover of their new chopper magazine RIPPER. They've always supported my gig and I've aways tried to do the same in return. @gonz_mtng thanks "brother" and @kennagahara I hope this photo gets to some big wig somewhere and they want to pay$ you the big bucks so you can finish your shovel. #tanksalot #wood #rippermagazine #choppershit #imwearingmylogosonallmyclothes #legomylogo #roller

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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turkstopnik 1395445367
Such a cool and colorful cover
bobber_worship 1395880323
Yes! Do you know where I could get hold of someone that would ship to the UK? Cheers @4q69
jasonjessee 1397157469
Think tank
a.j._herold 1397994461
@4q69 nice hair cut , the institutional look is popping off in the streets, any who thanks boss man for all u do catch you out in those brooklyn streets
4q69 1398025500
@ajh65 mr clean has left the building. It's already all grown out. I just dud it cause I got a modeling gig for the new united colors of Benetton ad, which features a skinhead.
ol_dirty_osk 1399358060
Sup Vato. Who you tryina get Crazy with Ese? Don't chu know I m loco? @4q69
_keithnoonan_ 1427311579
plaskate 1440873272
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