Photo from jamie_foy

The aftermath...... photo credz- @zachbirnzzz #westpalmbeach #stillgottheclip #hdpartinthemaking

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isiahcasanova_ 1394669271
Water probably felt good
justttttttt16 1394671075
Haha what one does for their board
rickyapontephoto 1394746139
You and @zachbirnzzz gotta make a New England trip sometime soon!
jamie_foy 1394746343
Im soooo down @rickyapontephoto my boy @julianlewis1 has been sayin the same
jamie_foy 1394746470
Hmu to skate nd film!!! @julianlewis1 where do u go in FL?
rickyapontephoto 1394747020
Hell yeah
yng_hollywood 1394757812
@rickyapontephoto @jamie_foy let's get this goin! I miss it up there!
coopermoser_ 1394758818
Yo you going to island tommrow? @jamie_foy
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