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Longing for adventure I hit the desert to a mountain range I had never heard of. I am pretty sure I was not smiling 6 hrs after this photo was taken when we were lost in the woods in the dark with zero visibility in a snow and lightning storm and were forced to bivy short of our destination. #nowherenevada #adventuring pic @andrew_miller #createyourownepic

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Jones Snowboards
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young_franco 1394629398
@mcdavious it most certainly can. Do a little research bro
anthonysteen 1394636267
@mcdavious ever been in a graupel storm?
jonessnowboards 1394637383
@mcdavious it's the first time I have ever seen lightning and snow together.
irrationalcarny 1394639254
THUNDERSNOW! I love storms like that, though that kind of snow is usually super high moisture content... not a fun night to be outside.
victurner 1394659229
@macdavoius i grew up in new mexico and spring time snow and lightning are common same in the san juans in s colorado.
kevbrohellyeah 1394662786
@jonessnowboards love the way you deal with aggression man.
siknastysteezbot 1394684242
Hopefully smiling inside tho, the life you live is only a dream to most, your an inspiration. Keep doing what you do!!
bymissjenn 1394900367
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