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Max Schaaf

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May 1995. -wood street is not a truck route- or last a big sign said so. Lower bottoms of W.Oakland. This was from a real ad in a thrasher that I had the cover, doing a half cab, but looked like an Ollie to fakie. The ad sarcastically stated that the mixing of pitbulls bad fast skateboards could result in serious bodily injury. People and even cops would stop me to say this was cruelty to animals....really? Cause they love it. Just like today people will try to bring you down for doing what you love. The insecure pass the most judgement, because the live tiny little lives. #real #fake #love this was good time in life. @morfordmedia photo

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Max Schaaf
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larryniehues 1400629644
Amazing photo Max! @4q69
4q69 1400634072
@larryniehues thanks man. Nice photos
larryniehues 1400634828
@4q69 thanks man!
dopesmokinsandbagr 1403931010
Pits LOVE to pull. Especially skateboards and bicycles. Good Excersize for them.pby
dopesmokinsandbagr 1403931039
Physically and mentally. Keeps.nails.trimmed too. Lol
512m2 1404431991
My dog loved that rush of the skateboard roaring behind her. I'd pick up the board and she would start spinning in circles. #pitsandharleys
derek_fezz_ 1421680535
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