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Bryan Herman

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My roll Dawg! @bakerskateboards @thundertrucks @spitfirewheels @emerica @_travesura @pharmacyhollywood

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Bryan Herman
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fredy__herrera 1395195073
I NEED HOMIES TO SKATE WITH!!! @bherman I moved out from Chicago with no one I don't know NO ONE OUT HERE... @andrewreynolds if I could I would skate every motha fucken day.. But I got to pay bills for a place to live
cannabyte 1397116419
Dope ass hardware!
fletcher_mccall 1397653500
@_ze_ke_ see you everywhere
fletcher_mccall 1397656794
I heard somewhere it's 8.0... But nobody knows for sure... Well, except him. @_ze_ke_
yvvzy 1398909971
@bherman yo herman I'm a huge fan g keep up the sick skating you're my favorite skater , just wondering what size board do you ride , and hopefully we cross paths in the future and smoke a blunt haha
kennyskates 1400154690
nicholas_edwards_13 1412386605
Hey! I have a board just like this and I was wondering if you could sign it tomorrow !? It would really be a honor of you could!?
nicholas_edwards_13 1412386616
So stoked to see you guys tmrw at big in the bay!
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