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Paul Rodriguez

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Hanging with some of my favorite people today....@erickoston @slj1000 @theotisb

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Paul Rodriguez
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westgate123 1394575039
@dazz_so_dope_yo hi . How's your day going beautiful ?
westgate123 1394575109
@dazz_so_dope_yo lets go skate !
xsweetasianbun 1394575175
Mehh dayz fine, Thanks fo askn,, and yee, lezz go skatee 👌 @westgate123
westgate123 1394575299
@dazz_so_dope_yo :) even tho I know we won't skate just wondering where you from ?
ivan_kardashian 1395642951
@prod84 when are your Prod 8's coming out ? Can't wait to skate then bro !
ivan_kardashian 1395642959
Them *
ivan_kardashian 1397461640
@chris14skates I'm late but haha yea xD but he comes out with a shoe every year and he already came out with sevens .-
primitivekadin 1398131826
Check your dm from me pleasee @prod84
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