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Paul Rodriguez

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Welcome home lil boosie!! Was hyped to hear he was free!! @officialboosie

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Paul Rodriguez
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chris.chavz 1395026682
Do you know who i listen to? @skateboardsalad
mackalubigood 1395080172
Check how big he got? @jonfen9
amethod3000 1395319670
How are you gonna call someone a degenerate when your whole Instagram is drug related? Go learn English please lol @chrisrua
amethod3000 1395319743
Anyone who does that isn't in any position to give advice or talk down about someone else. Fix your own shit before hating on others.
chris.chavz 1395322393
Go read everything i said before you try to call me out dumb ass someone already said i smoke weed. No ones talking down to anyone. Clearly NONE of you are getting my message. If you are still gunna justify this tard then shit ur retarded too and i feel bad for ya @amethod3000
johnsalvacruz 1396839883
I used to be a french fry
primitivekadin 1398131881
Check your dm from me please @prod84
owen_skate20 1421801788
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