Photo from jamie_foy

A few tricks at @ramp48 filmier credz @racepeschl #skateeverydamnday @metroskateboarding

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jeanjacquesz 1395174970
hedwear_promo 1396207312
joetocco 1397751068
That 180 switch krook 🙀
hardcoremillions 1401393271
God damn yes he does this kid is really one of my new favorite skateboarders #bigboyrips @jakethasnake87
jamie_foy 1401475702
kaneskatesnyc 1401672703
My nigga jamie @jamie_foy
dr.uncle.phil 1406742573
staxx561 1426700248
You fucking rip kid!! Yeww! Check out my music link in bio..@jamie_foy
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