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Sean Imes

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This is me and my homie FROSTY. He's a stoner.. He didn't like to pass the dro tho..fuckin scum

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Sean Imes
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seanheems 1394211556
@alexbryan_ yesss most deffff
alexbryan_ 1394217545
I go up every weekend, call me whenever you guys feel like riding.
takitari 1394406104
@seanheems follow me back foo
alexbryan_ 1397269284
What's up, your favorite mountain girls are in Venice for the weekend.
seanheems 1397273324
@alexbryan_ whaaaat!?
alexbryan_ 1397273990
Me and Melissa are staying down here this weekend. You guys have anything goin on? :)
seanheems 1397358412
@alexbryan_ what y'all doinn??
alexbryan_ 1397359585
I think were going to go down to San clamente tonight. We heard about this big party down there.
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