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Joe Pelham

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My time at @spottampa has seriously been the most exciting time of my life. In just 2 years, I've traveled the world, met some amazing people and started a real career in the skateboarding world. With that being said, it's time to move on with that career and reunited with some old friends. More on that later. I wish everyone at SPoT success and I thank you for the great memories. Cheers to the future. 🍻

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Joe Pelham
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hidefjoe 1393646118
@mayordonahue I love you
hidefjoe 1393646187
@ericmckenney you too buddy. Gonna miss you fools.
hidefjoe 1393646220
@bringthatup thank you!
hidefjoe 1393646273
@kkr___ your right about that. Thanks big guy. I'm sure I'll see ya around.
hidefjoe 1393646318
@kevperez fuck yeah player, thanks!
ericmatias1 1393646755
No problem @theboardr . Looking forward to what's coming from you guys
coolaskthem 1393686912
real shit one of my favorite ppl to see when I walked into work everyday I'm gonna miss you dude don't be a stranger
the_mole_av_club 1393701717
Congrats Joe! Thanks for showing all us dirts that hard work pays off.
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