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Paul Rodriguez

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Good session with @mannyslaysall @jordanmaxham and @tyevans @brainfarm photo: @hermanjshots #brainfarmskate

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Paul Rodriguez
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christinafiore 1393606145
@christinafiore yeah dude, ty evans uses crazy filming gear to pull off amazing shots! My quadcopter isnt nearly as beast as this but maybe in due time.....keep killin it! @prod84
kwood96 1393680434
Sup man can u follow me plz ur my fav skateboarder i love plan b & nike sb plz follow me
joel.badass 1393708812
I got a skateboard it's a plane B and it seas Paul rodriguez
marcusdough 1393720205
your spelling makes me want to kill myself @joel_botello
fonsecaag 1393785670
Always I had this question, do you speak spanish? Jaja @prod84 I'm chilean
sho_no_luv_t 1393831738
That droid tho
primitivekadin 1398131980
Check your dm from me please @prod84
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