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Max Schaaf

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Australia #crocodiledonedeal trip is over, but all the good times still reeling through my head. The first few days are so long and the last days fly by like minutes. All good people and amazing to be around such talent. @anthonymapstone in all my years at this I've never experienced a better tour guide. #kissass all the cold beer did help. My shoulder was killing me and I wish the rain would have been more kind but summer in Australia is too sweet to complain. @samsklub @fourstarclothing love you guys. Thanks. @corykennedy welcome. Thanks for keeping the energy alive and the phawt beats. Amazing. @themachinefiles thanks for sharing your amazing world with me. #skateordie #skateordont #4star #4q #phawtmenchies

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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anthonymapstone 1393461884
What a deal!!!! $57 and a tin of baked beans and a sip of 🍺🍺
anthonymapstone 1393461919
#stopsuckingup #justkidding #tim
fourstarclothing 1393471798
Always a treat to roll with ya Maxwell👊 @4q69
sheabonez 1393524770
Next time take a Bali detour!
jimthiebaud 1393694792
danimal103 1393799325
Good shit broski
gingerarmygeneral 1394727441
@4q69 u must be the only other person I kno tht can do tht with there eyes #buttholeeyes
gingerarmygeneral 1398520739
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