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Tim Gavin

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Thank you to all of our retail friends the world over for all the support with our first season, Fall 14. The response and reaction has been more than we expected! @filament_brand #filamentbrand

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Tim Gavin
big_jermzz 1392852770
@therealgav seriously can't Wait till fall want a sample pair i got money
therealgav 1392852924
fixyaface 1392864886
Top right is buttery
stevencales1 1394654692
logansummers 1394773362
Is there any contact information that I could send my footage to for Filament? I am very interested in skating for the company.
james__lawrence 1395372976
Are you in need of an outside sales rep in NorCal/NV? @therealgav
milosxmilos 1435320646
@matejstrucl to je bivsi dvs-ovc tim gavin. vpras klikota ker bo tkoj vedu.
matejstrucl 1435356567
@milosxmilos grdi cevlji
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