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Jones Snowboards

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Nice surprise today when I opened up @outsidemagazine to see this @americanpistachios ad from our #theshangrilaexpedition for#jjoneshigher pic @andrew_miller

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Jones Snowboards
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undies_81 1392729079
snurferchick 1392731388
Yeah they did @_go_steve I say fuck outside magazine!
_go_steve 1392731488
@soiledove already got several "fuck outside magazine" stickers hahaha hadn't had a chance to slap one anywhere yet.
sodboyy 1392758236
Gorp! @jessieschut @masonproske
jhank9 1392859123
The article 'can snowboarding be saved ' was laughable! Editor Sam Moulton should stick to what he knows. Not sure what that is but this article proves he and his staff don't have a clue about snowboarding
tgrtoddjones 1393089644
Well there is a simple fact that snowboard sales are declining in many categories. The article is an attempt to discuss this. It is not a pretty scenario in the snowboard world. I think we would be smarter to learn from this than to start telling people to F off. That attitude only feeds the thesis of the article.
I would be cool with less people snowboarding. More mountain for me.
insta_stam 1393692586
@pjmara you already know...
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