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Porqueee?!/Whyyyyy?! 😫😩

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Manny Santiago πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·
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nicktucker 1392513615
chrisldead 1392513831
This wouldn't happen with indy's.
adrianghettovet 1392518592
@sungsoodevine Ride The Best Fuck The Rest @independenttrucks
kcinimod612 1392518925
Hate when my kingpin breaks πŸ”«πŸ˜‘
mkingbeh 1392519815
@sungsoodevine so true. but what's funny is the companies say a grade 8 kingpin can't snap -_- I can't even begin to skate ventures bc of the kingpins. @chrisldead the other dude was right. it'll happen w any truck. but I will say indys ARE the best. just too heavy for my busted old ankles. tensors weigh ab half as much as indys and grind almost as good
freddpops 1392525453
Porke porke le Metes Duro Paaaaaaaa
I broke my friends indy kingpin twice, every kingpin break eventually because of the pressure of the hanger and bushings. All my skate friends ride their trucks super tight and snap them, i ride my trucks loose and didn't snap kingpins only crushed 4 sets of bushings
newjerseymike 1392836561
@mannyslaysall hry just watch the salt n pepper vid... super sick vif your ripped it.. and dude dave is very good he is very under rated
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