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Me and Shia Labeouf. PART 1 There will never be any words to describe this experience, but I will be able to tell you this, that it's a must see! Shia Labeouf is indeed an artist. And after yesterday I appreciate him and love him even more! I've seen and read a lot of reviews on this and how people are or were complaining in line that they had other things to to instead of being there and how they were hungry and thirsty etc... seriously why did you even go or bother of going?! No one forced you. But then again that came from people that are NOT his fans!!! If I had the opportunity to do t again I would Definately do it again! It was such an awesome experience!! Shia is AMAZING!!!!! #shialabeouf #IMSORRY #IAMNOTFAMOUSANYMORE #lovedit #awesome

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im_mrs_franco 1392491139
sarahbowiewolves 1392492175
What did you say? What did he do? So glad we all got in.
codycoker 1392492991
@im_mrs_franco how long did you wait in line ?
jpaynlinson 1392497238
Hey babe how long did end up waiting?
im_mrs_franco 1392519315
@sarahbowiewolves I really didn't much but I was trying to be quick to try to let atleast the one after me go in, but I just told him Hello that it was good seeing him again and that if it was cool to take a picture with him with the bag on and one with the bag off and he let me :) I'm so glad u got to go in! Yay!!
im_mrs_franco 1392519387
@codycoker and @jpaynlinson I started making line at 6:40am and got in to see Shia at 5:55pm, but believe me it was so worth the wait :)
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