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chicernorio 1392316655
Fug that place
tntinaaa 1392325349
Do bikram! You and @lilmeegers should come Thursdays I sign ppl in. It'll heal you
anthony_schultz 1392325831
We're coming @tntinaaa hit Megan up
anthony_schultz 1393985153
hey @nealmims do you think i could get the number of your doctor one more time on insta? hope all is well buddy!
nealmims 1393989131
Did you get my text? @anthony_schultz
anthony_schultz 1393998068
i got the original one but i broke my phone screen. so i lost the number @nealmims getting my new phone sometime tomorrow
nealmims 1393998134
I haven't you another text but here ya go anyway.. 858-650-3030 tell them I sent you. @anthony_schultz
anthony_schultz 1394041249
ok thank you @nealmims I'm gonna give them a call today, ill let them know!
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