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Rob Meronek

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I'm sure Grant doesn't have to try this hard. We just got @dlxsf in stock @theboardr Store and this GRANTIHERO deck is there waiting for you at TheBoardr.com.

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Rob Meronek
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yeajonmann 1391815634
I'll take it. 8.25?!
meronek 1391827371
8.43 @yeajonmann too big for my britches!
kevin_sikes 1391831914
Hey Rob is there any way I can get a spot for the Contest tomorrow?
meronek 1391860985
I'm not associated with SPoT or anything they do anymore @killasikes good luck with that!
rileykeohane 1395799635
Is that place the border or something called that is that open
meronek 1395799868
@rfunny0910 the store is open, yep. No skateable stuff yet tho. Follow @theboardr to keep up. Thanks!
rileykeohane 1395874375
Ok because i might move to tampa in a couple years so yeah
hubba_sparxx 1402681432
He does make it look pretty effortless
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