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Luke McKaye

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Ethan Davis @icemastae. Switch front noseslide. Wheeling WV. Printed in the new @blisssmag

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Luke McKaye
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kylelopes999 1391653522
I lived in wheeling for two years. I'm guessing this is like the only spot besides wheeling park. ? Are you from around this area ?
jg_molnar_jr 1391653753
Oh snap. Yeah I recognize it now. @kyledaddy Luke and I grew up in wheeling. There are tons of spots. You just have to know where to go. #wheelinggods
kylelopes999 1391654174
Oh nice !!! When I was there I lived by oglebay for almost two years then moved back to pittsburgh. Didn't do to much skating in wheeling area except the park. Worked all the time so I didn't skate much to begin with. I see @lukeshootsphotos travels a lot Wish that was me @jg_molnar_jr
worstdayoftheweek 1391656609
Hell yeah! @icemastae 👍👍
icemastae 1391658412
Gettin buck!!
neilfoxtennant 1391663496
Damn homies keep up the good work @icemastae
sgtfury1971 1391741617
One of ur best @lukeshootsphotos
lukeshootsphotos 1392055830
@focusskatemag #eastcoastexcellence
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