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Pause for a foot fetish with...myself!! Damn, thanks to the Swoosh for the connect on the #tiffanydunk, Premier for the cloud kickers. No ollies allowed, cruiser pushing only in these freshies. We should get shoes in @theboardr Store, huh?

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Rob Meronek
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eugenejacklai 1391655922
Maybe get some pics from @aikacollective in your shop too!
meronek 1391659924
@tyler_luttrell I don't know, we will see. I'd like them in there, of course.
stoise 1391660317
If you so I'm still willing to barter services for kicks :P. I'm officially fluent in bootstrap 3.0 so I know all of that trickery
meronek 1391660503
@eugenejacklai Aika Collective looks super good
meronek 1391660591
@stoise maybe we will start up another design thing when I turn our custom POS and Inventory system into a real product later this summer.
stoise 1391660798
I'm more than down, keep me posted! I ran some testing on your storefront while on vacation (shh don't tell the wife) but didn't wrap it up yet, I'll shoot you the doc when I'm done
africaskate 1391668014
So Dope!
meronek 1391706963
Nice @stoise !
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