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Rob Meronek

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This is our first UPS shipping label spit out from our first processes order today at @theboardr. Feels crazy. Thanks for the support everyone.

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Rob Meronek
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theboardr 1391448782
Thanks @davie_kid!
brandon.starr 1391449268
I think I need to order something
foyo1 1391449549
🙌 Best of luck!! So glad i was able to meet u and chat a bit while at the other place! Still one of the best experiences of my life 😁 @theboardr @meronek
meronek 1391450494
We will have some Plan B stuff soon @planb_brandon. Yeah @foyo1 thanks so much!
brandon.starr 1391450667
Looks like I'll be placing2 orders then! Get some 7.75s!!
foxinsocks585 1391450687
@meronek will you guys ever get Nike?
meronek 1391479183
@theyhatechange585 we will see. I'd like to.
yeajonmann 1391550137
Brings me back.
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