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Glad I was there to see #JamieLynn hand @bryaniguchi the Legends Award at the @twsnow Riders Poll last night. It has been an honor to watch Brian ride first hand over the years. The snowboarding he is doing right now is at a level few riders in the world can touch. #snowboardingiscool

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Jones Snowboards
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downey1138 1391268711
You can't truly understand the skills Guch has till you ride with him. He was a part of the small crew that started the big mountain freestyle shit! Hats off to an amazing mentor and friend! An award only lets the rest of the world know what we all knew long ago. Legend! Thanks for showing us how it's done. @bryaniguchi
guilhermoaraujo 1391270811
@guuuiz #paulada #on #winter
guilherme__rod 1391271274
@guilhermoaraujo kkkk
dvdwhite1 1391278195
I've watched @bryaniguchi in snowboard vids since I started riding in the mid-90's. I've always admired, and tried to mimic, his style. So smooth!
heliskiing_canada 1391281298
etaub5 1391284028
@bryaniguchi is for sure an awesome rider, but he's an equally nice and humble guy. I still can't believe I had the honor to ride with him just days ago. Thanks again Bryan for the Dick's sessions and major congrats!
birdsthe_word_ 1391288157
The best of the best right there. Love those dudes!
mapfeiffer 1391304845
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