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John Rattray

Photo from ratt_ray

Wow! This print showing up was a serious daymaker. Thanks so much for sending @ryanflynn! @darylangel sharing the streets with fellow lifeforms. #actualphysicalthings #stoked

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John Rattray
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coffeeandbagels 1391057961
Holy shit this is an incredible photo. Thanks for making my day
desiree_astorga 1391059750
Rad shot!!! @ryanflynn
giverwheelco 1391063675
Epic photo!
skyhigh1988 1391091666
ryanflynn 1391103788
Sick! Did it make it there in perfect condition or are there dings or anything? Hopefully it'll lay flat after a few days? I don't usually roll them.
ratt_ray 1391105068
It's perfect @ryanflynn Great paper.
betonbrut 1391106479
human_duncan 1391447882
That's quite the pic @ratt_ray
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