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Max Schaaf

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Found this old photo folded up under my desk. One of my favorite Oakland skaters @majorjones510 skeet skirtin a backside Ollie under me doing a backside frontside Indy shooto to fakie. At the old Andy's ramp that became about 10 other ramps. I dunno when this was 7rs ago? Ramps gone now but many good times, and one of the heaviest... Being my friend Curtis Hsiang passing there. Here's to livin, down with the bullshit. #oakland #4q #major #townbusiness #chüüto

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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paddyrundel 1392472307
You in Melbourne mate hittus up ! If you wanna go for a ride Sunday get shit Di e !
rq27 1392912178
Feliz Cumpleaños!
bridge_dust 1392969672
My favorite goofy footer
aldoyo 1396816744
@4q69 still my inspiration from thrasher tutorial how to skateboard video up till now
vacationdomination 1396827988
anchormoto 1396896352
Its that feeling of time stopping before the imminent fall back to reality. Running towards death or embracing life its all good as long as your doing it. Great shot.
godfreyvintage 1397512913
Holy moly that's sick!!!
buck50 1397525595
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