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Lizard King

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MY LUGGAGE HAAAAAAA I LOVE SKATE TRIPS!!!!!! @suprafootwear 📷 @patrumney

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Lizard King
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ericmickelson 1391143651
Dude were did you get the pants man I gotta get me a pair of those!! @bigbizliz
da_bernz 1391553119
where did you get this pants? @bigbizliz
theloganwolf 1391723263
@bigbizliz YoYo MY G LIZARD KING YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS your boy from New York Williamsburg come rip with Ed and us much love hommie
joestefano 1391905552
you look just like "Mick Dodge".. check dewd out.. super gnar.. @bigbizliz
U a punk Lizard
mac.cameron 1395034526
Reminds me of you @great_its_that_phillips_kid
d_carlo 1396652375
Lizard please tell me wear to buy those pajama pants please. Keep shredding can't wait for footage!!!!
kyle.siegel 1399495388
Is that blood on the axe
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