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4 hours later, Three stitches and a Tetanus shot.. ER is a joke. #willskateforever

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Chris Roberts
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marcjohnson 1390685381
@learicallilah no no no I'm gonna back my dude on this one. Hospitals are a shitshow. With that said, I will be using @chris_roberts1 experience to learn how to suture gaping face wounds like the one he sustained last night. No sense in bitching, one must learn basic first aid.
marcjohnson 1390685439
@hardcorefubu can you assist with some basic suture instruction next time you come up?
chrisroberts 1390685891
@marcjohnson we should have went to Big5 for some fish hooks, stopped off at Rite-aid for a sewing kit, and skerted into the liqueur store for some Jack... Dr. Johnson in full effect.!!!!!
hardcorefubu 1390686782
@marcjohnson @chris_roberts1 super glue my friends. Super glue.
learicallilah 1390688359
@marcjohnson ya why not learn how to self suture. It's just your face a needle and some dental floss. I hope the MD sutured the line straight. No bad scars on the moneymaker @chris_roberts1
chrisroberts 1390689142
@learicallilah it just sucks, I saw multiple people rip off their arm band and leave. I know my little stitches were not priority, but it seems unstructured to me. Like a first come first serve vibe. It's a frustration thing.. People suffering sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours upon hours, just doesn't seem right to me. It was a sad sight.
edbone3000 1390704933
I had a bad ER experience recently.. but then again it was kaiser so why am I surprised?
pkg13 1390891412
@chris_roberts1 hope your feeling better!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
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