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Joe Pelham

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Here's a quick Instagram video I did for @spottampa and the @nikesb "Year of the Horse" dunk high. Special thanks to the Innetech crew for helping me setup one ghetto production! @ch1ckenl1vers @asherrer

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Joe Pelham
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hidefjoe 1390440573
Thank you @cailaburke @peejayix @bennyflocka. @buckygonzalez it's a 60d shooting 60p conformed to 24p with mostly the 50mm 1.4 and cheap wide angle.
jacktink 1390440815
Solid work man. Been trying out different settings lately, what dimensions did you set this to before uploading? I've been using 1280x1280 & 720x720 lately
nmadera 1390441088
Killing it as always
jackloktu 1390442384
crudesign 1390444163
Theyre frikin bad. Are they out yet?
midtimes 1390510017
Killing it..
leicabeast 1391538807
Dope work 👍
hekka_usa 1426442571
Good shot!
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