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@bjornleines with some words of wisdom. #freealta #onelove

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Jones Snowboards
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lukahhen 1390347981
PIZZA DO A PIZZA!!!!! I am pretty sure when skies do a pizza there is way more damage done to a slope than a snowboard stoping also skiers have two effective edges and snowboarders have one I think skiers move snow than snowboarders @ufoserrywherr . Also because alta is on public land it should be open to everyone to enjoy. In my mind any resort that is on private land and is privately owned should be able to do whatever they want like mad river glen and deer valley. Yeah as a snowboarder it disappoints me but it's their decision as a business. Alta is on public land it should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. And if you are making bull shit excuses why snowboarders have less control or they make the snow conditions worse I'll throw on a pair of skis myself and probe anyone wrong... I can do a pizza
anthonysteen 1390349574
I lived at the pdog for 3 winters. Truth be told the terrain is better over at the bird. Why would alta allow? They don't need the money they're in the black most years. Alta's value proposition is a "powder SKIING" experience. If they allow, a place that already gets beat pretty quick, will get tracked even quicker and thus the powder skiing experience is diminished which is what the alta brand is all about. Gotta think like a business people
carbarrco 1390352695
Its a niche resort
lukahhen 1390360359
sarge1957 1390361516
Ok, let's compromise on the Alta issue......Alta stays skiers only....Snowbird goes snowboard only.......what could be more fair?
colinc1111 1390362739
They can keep alta. We just get chads gap ;)
jakeringold 1390364134
Take out the lifts and turn it into backcountry only. Anything goes if it is earned. Just an idea.
superheroesmgmt 1390375420
Yeah @bjornleines
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