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Meek Mill
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kevinlopez_ 1391145898
M33K @alaysya
jaayballin 1391394496
Nah son. I'm sorry. If PAC was here he would've .... Slapped Lil wayne wen wayne said " I'm not tupac... I'm the nupac " and he would still be wit some of the nigguhs he grew up with. He didn't rap about what you did.... Brenda has a baby, dear momma.... All them. You can do that. If #PAC was up today he'd be with #boosie. Rocking wit him. Yeah your dope at rapping but he's a legend dude. He would be with boosie I can guaranteed that.. I mean boosie has been around for a hot minute. Wait till he's #free. 💯 but that's were PAC would be.
unifrmstl 1391431086
@jay__ballin_ boosie overrrated hes truely trash , pacs style would of died out in 2002. Sorry
jaayballin 1391434007
It's just an opinion. But I don't think PAC woul of died out cuz he would of still made music. I still listen to both. And biggie and eazy. @osoarroganteric it's just an opinion.
payjayday 1391604961
The way u tried to hoe the D I know Meech wouldn't be fucking wit u and u don't even rap about shit PAC stood for so I know 4sho PAC wouldn't be fucking wit y'all
greengang19 1391609250
You trippin! Meek the best in the game ya fool! @btc_jaybroke
atolar_23 1392620978
Tupac is alive
from_lex 1401240111
You prolly wouldn't have a career if they was alive
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