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I don't know what's worse. Me leaving a few dirty dishes in the sink or someone leaving all these strawberries and clogging the garbage disposal. Must have been catch

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Billy Marks
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billy_marks 1390189662
@ashlym it's ok I know it was catch he's not in trouble. I know you could never do something like this
ashlym 1390189710
@billy_marks you better watch your tone
tylerarei 1390189962
Hahaha sassy @billy_marks @ashlym
paul_bonanno 1390190159
@billy, you're going about this all wrong. If she does something you don't like, NEVER say anything. Just simply go to the bathroom right before her and pee all over the toilet seat. Problem solved...you're welcome.
hip_harp 1390190795
does anyone else see the rabbit?
jaimswithani 1390192610
It's clearly a llama
alieneh 1390193893
Canadian way to say it would be garbarator
thatassholee 1391735203
I see the rabbit bro @hip_harp
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