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Rob Meronek

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Everyone's on manual labor building @theboardr Headquarters while I'm on digital labor. This will eventually be our store right here with backstock and online packing in the distance there. Construction jams right now are blowing me away. It's not hip hop, I'll tell you that.

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Rob Meronek
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sinisterskate 1390162331
tuliooliveira 1390164656
mcw813 1390166849
meronek 1390178617
Thanks @brandunlap @biv
meronek 1390178693
@notcaseyagain that's why I only do work where there is a backspace button
meronek 1390178729
Me too @sinisterskate it's nice
rtclem 1390178841
It's stain, not paint @notcaseyagain! Haha!
statlerandwaldorf 1390275306
The only thing missing here is an anime mural #humouringthefates
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