Photo from mccranker

Text I got from the lady. Good thing I don't like surprises. Sorry babe ❤️. #oops

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mccranker 1390499857
@patriciomiguelulloa happy birthday!!
patriciomiguelulloa 1390501058
Same to you my good man @mccranker
blunts_n_cunts 1390503207
Happy Birthday McCrank !!! Hope You Have A Fuckin Blasting Day !!! 😆😂🙌 Much Love ! - Ray Love !
blunts_n_cunts 1390503241
Hahaha That's Still Hella Funny Though . Dammn .
evan_harr 1390524472
Happy birthday, man!
kerryvarma 1390553798
Amazing! Haha
camillagarnett 1398382589
That is the funniest thing I've ever seen @lee_buodolo
ben_edwards69 1398883991
Haha happy birthday
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