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Rob Meronek

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It's hard enough leaving Brittany behind. Now the boy, too. Damn. First skateboard trip of the year is today. I'll be back right quick, y'all!

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Rob Meronek
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pilar_la_dura 1389635766
I'm sure they'll miss u much @meronek
mfrazier72 1389637571
britmeronek 1389639048
meronek 1389640998
Thanks @johnny_tang I'll bring this dude to his homeland China one day
lanahuckster 1389642683
terikamaru 1389670414
Eeeeee so cute!! @britmeronek good job!!
yeajonmann 1389682605
This is so rad Rob. Wish I got to it sooner but congrats to you and @britmeronek on the wee one lad.
meronek 1389706923
Thanks @yeajonmann Jon Mann!!
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