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Mike Carroll

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@blabacphoto photo Tee's available exclusively online at the crailstore.com #20yearsofchocolate #ginoiannucci and 20Years(and 11days)OfGirl @erickoston

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Mike Carroll
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senosen 1389520291
Koston !
frekleface 1389522177
trois.mille 1389523191
Fuck you you drug addict. Why don't we do drugs together you fucking ass? Im serious. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeys do some drugs.... im only going to you because I got a referral from Guy and Alex.... so what's up mang?
trois.mille 1389523264
Seriously, I'll be in LA soon..... lets party mang!
evokerone 1389535554
These are great.
brentdvt 1389538945
3-000 shut the fuck up you twat. Fucking dumbass.
angeles661 1389900274
@furrycalamari I was listening to you on the radio yesterday! Your so sick man listening how you where skater of the year when you were only 19' I got to hear how girl skateboards got started & made ! Thks🙌
kalvinpanther 1394441296
@s0rski - bsnb
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