Photo from ethanloy

Fun day with @madarsapse @shawnhaleyeah @masonsilva and the "god Tre" @bandana_b!! B!!

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neutral_d 1389502388
FHS @ryanbos9
ryanbos007 1389502539
Holy shit Foothill remodeled
bickflickdawrist 1389564604
tinajero.alex 1389564718
Shred party @bick_nartz
zanevonh 1396317469
Are you going to foothill anytime soon @ethanloy @ethanloy @ethanloy
yungdunc 1420752504
@theebutteriestledge @tasso_daoussis @rileygreer
theebutteriestledge 1420757420
@yungdunc yea i told you with the feeble
yungdunc 1420757685
OMG SHUTUP @theebutteriestledge
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