Photo from justinsworld

Uh-oh! Damn snowboards took out @hollyryan78

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salbaland 1389508357
justinsworld 1389509145
That's the look of a girl that broke her humerus bone in a few places.
laurafy1989 1389534651
Aw damn. If its the humerus then that means surgery in the future.
littlejojobirdie 1389535322
Oh no!!
hellonwheels 1389539847
Humerus.... Somewhere there's a cheesy joke about a sense of humor.
hollyryan78 1389963133
My dad left me a voicemail saying he heard I did something to my arm not so humerus. Lol @hellonwheels
hollyryan78 1389963383
Thank you everyone, hoping for a speedy recovery myself!
hellonwheels 1389970422
What a humerus dude!
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