Photo from mccranker

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mccranker 1389507525
@imonlyhughman I heard one guy tried it and ate it.
braden111 1389510916
Hey I live a block away from their
juandak 1389537090
#hashtag #pppularpage gettin some shine time
sitrucave 1389565574
Go to van. @dank_gnar_420 @sloatsmcgoats @davisslloyd @frickendingus
efhydralisk 1389569143
imonlyhughman 1389588992
New shit yeeeeah!!!!!! I hope the rain don't fuck with your shit. I got some random chunks of granite and basalt if you need them.
leatherdoggy 1389648535
road trip @sitrucave @dank_gnar_420 ?
bsilvs 1389886426
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