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John Rattray

Photo from ratt_ray

Detail from the Seagull Nebula. Image via the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (not iPhone) #predatorybird #theskyatnight #triponthis

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John Rattray
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ultphilip 1389416441
There now. @ratt_ray
wickednoise 1389417672
next iphone will have telescopic camera for all your deep space photograpy needs
iruinstuff 1389417788
Haha. (Not iPhone). Unless its in the Chilean desert and from the friggin future
mr._dobalina 1389420624
Life is amazing.. @ratt_ray
kerryvarma 1389426702
#triponthis indeed!
human_duncan 1389436070
Looks so peaceful there @ratt_ray
wax_error 1389449631
Dang, and for a second there I thought it was an iPhone shot.
bigspinskateboards 1389525785
Shit isnt that Asgard over there!
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