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Mike Carroll

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@blabacphoto X @chocolateskateboards photo tee's available exclusively at the http://crailstore.com #GinoIannucci #20YearsOfChocolate

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Mike Carroll
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vinzoss 1389444593
@nettic Nollie fs 180 if i remember well
bo_def_son 1389456819
@hughmduncan julien stranger more like!
nettic 1389680815
@vinzoss yeah thx that sounds right. It's still messed up thou
blizzyblakenyla 1390102074
@furrycalamari can I bring Matt bell by crailtap on Tuesday? If you're available
blizzyblakenyla 1390106439
@furrycalamari he ran poets with Gino
rebelxdefiance 1407180861
@furrycalamari dude how can I get one of your sf t-shirts I swear I would drive up there to get one but circumstances just won't permit. I was born in sf and moved to la when I was young but I lived up in Hayes and when I'm down there I skate to haight all the time it would mean the absolute world to me if you would respond man I would do anything for one of those shirts diamond shirts😭😭😭😭
rebelxdefiance 1407180968
@furrycalamari been following you and Nicky for forever you guys are basically my idols I've met both of you before but nothing memorable enough for you to remember unfortunately hahaha but I need one of those diamond shirts it's like my life all in one t shirt
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