Photo from keithhufnagel

This happened so embarrassing #stoops #waitwhat @AgendaEmerge @AgendaShow @GroupY

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cheeky12blaze1 1389347601
I was watching great job
andrewbrophy 1389352749
Balls of steel @keith_hufnagel
nicomotiv 1389363132
Big dawg!
g_ordie 1389366066
You speak Engrish
affluentclothingco 1389367654
circlea_skateboards 1389371823
But you were the realist and most entertaining of the 5.
prodigyboardshop 1389382815
Enjoyed the show . You were funny.
namsalot 1389383459
This is so fucking nerdy, but have you thought of giving a TED Talk? It would be amazing!
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